Underground Cable Locating

Underground Cable and Utility Locator Services

Don't risk damaging utilities and increasing the cost of your project. GeoRadar can locate utility lines and pipes before digging, saving you time and money. GeoRadar offers the best in subsurface utility engineering for an underground cable locator.

GeoRadar is a professional underground utility locating company that will help make your excavation process safer. Our underground locating service will help you to locate buried pipes and cables. We locate everything from rebar to gas mains to water pipes to underground fiber optics.

Damaging buried utilities is a serious problem and the cost of fines and repair fees is significant. The digger needs to make sure that utilities are not damaged. GeoRadar underground locating service is a must for any construction company or foundation repair contractor digging underground since we will help you to avoid costly accidents like hitting pipes and cables.

We provide testing using GPR equipment to locate underground cables, buried pipe, conduits, post-tension cable, water and heating lines within the concrete, as well as much more. Our services are environmentally sound and will save you time and money.

GPR equipment allows us to look at concrete slabs and walls up to 18" thick from one side or 36" thick using both sides to find utilities. In the event that the concrete or stone is thicker than 18", it can be imaged from one side providing access from one side.

GPR technology allows for the inspection of underground utilities to be carried out quickly and safely without digging or interrupting the convenience of the public. Radar imaging is superior to other methods due to the fact that it is quicker and saves money. GeoRadar performs high quality work that is affordable. Make sure you know have the best in subsurface utility engineering the next time dig with innovative GPR technology services from GeoRadar.

Benefits of Using GPRs

Cost Reduction

  • Using GPRs will help you to avoid downtime or fines and fees resulting from damaging structures or causing facilities to shutdown due to a cut utility line.
  • The cost of using GPR technology is little in comparison to the cost of damages or injuries.

Risk Reduction

  • There is no radiation involved with GPRs technology.
  • The use of the GPR helps to reduce worker injury as well as accidents.
  • GPRs will improve the safety of your workers and bystanders. On top of that it will reduce the risk of cutting a utility line or damaging a structure while locating materials underground.

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