Sub Surface/Utility Scanning

Ground penetrating radar services are a huge lifesaver when it comes to locating underground utilities and other buried systems. Used frequently to survey and prepare job sites for construction or repairs involving underground infrastructure, ground penetrating radar (commonly referred to as GPR) is one of the most accurate and least obstructive methods of mapping and marking what lies beneath the surface.

Another method of identifying and locating what is under the surface involves utilizing existing (and often inaccurate) utility maps and surveys. When relying exclusively on these existing resources, breaking ground is the only way to confirm their accuracy. Because digging blindly is expensive and can often be dangerous, it is preferable to analyze the situation before actually breaking the surface. Ground penetrating radar services are the perfect way to accomplish this. 

You know what's at stake when your crews break ground. Being off by just a few inches can cost thousands, even millions in line repairs, construction delays, civic fines, and "cleanup". Beyond the dollars, your company image is at stake. Subsurface work can be riddles with unforeseen utilites, objects, and other dangers. What if you could conduct a "virtual dig" ahead of the shovels...get a picture of what lies beneathand prevent a disaster instead of creating one? Ground penetrating radar gives you that vision, allowing the project site to remain safe and work to proceed without delays.

GeoRadar has years of experience locating subsurface utilies, voids, sinkholes, and underground storage tanks. In the construction industry time is money and it is imperative that projects run successfully without costly mistakes creating delays and lost revenue.

GPR Services

Locate Underground Pipes Locate Sewer Pipes
Locate Broken Pipes Locate Water Lines
Locate Clay Pipes Locate Tunnels
Locate UST's Locate Asbestos Cement Pipes
Locate Manhole Covers Locate Steel Pipes
Locate Water Table Locate Trash Dump Sites
Locate Iron Pipes Locate Voids
Locate Bodies Locate Fiberglass Tanks
Locate Sinkholes Locate Graves
Locate Concrete Footings Locate Concrete Foundations
Inspection of Tarmacs Inspection of Roadways
Inspection of Runways Many more!
Basic Principal of how GPR works