Seattle GPR Services

GeoRadar will serve your needs in Seattle, Washington for professional ground penetrating radar services for your construction and architecture needs. We are here to offer our service that is second to none in the state of Washington. We can help you with the following services: locating underground utilities, concrete scanning, locating graves, roadway inspection, locating pipes, and structural scanning.

Implementing Specialist for Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Underground Locating GPR Surveys

GeoRadar uses GPR Systems and surface penetrating radar (SPR) in geotechnical environmental studies, GPR surveys, and for locating things underground. Our trained Ground Penetrating Radar equipment specialists are professionals who know how to effectively locate underground storage tanks, utilities, find voids, plastic pipe, as well as finding underground objects. No matter what it is made out of we can find it with our advanced ground penetrating radar technology. We offer exceptional ground penetrating radar services that cost less than alternative methods.

Underground Locating using Ground Penetrating Radar

Through the use of ground penetrating radar GeoRadar provides engineering companies with the ability to use precise measurements to improve decision making. Thanks to the capabilities of GPR engineering work can be done more efficiently without as many risks. This is just one example of how cutting age technology is improving our lives.GeoRadar beats other subsurface locating services hands down with our use of advanced full-color GPR data and methodical collection of data that gives you the information you need to solve any underground issue you are faced with.

Ground Penetrating Radars can be Extremely Advantageous

Surface Penetrating Radars and Ground Penetrating Radar offer many advantages. They are used to improve the ability to plot the location of a wide variety of underground objects and materials. They can be used to determine the location of underground utilities, post tension tendons, and reinforcements. Through the use of Remote Operated Vehicles we now have the capability to go places that humans just cannot reach which allows us to locate underground objects that other companies just cannot get to.

Common Places We Service

  • Hospitals
  • Private Property
  • Factories
  • Casinos
  • Airports
  • Field& Soil Surreys
  • IndustrialBuildings
  • Residential Properties
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • New Construction Buildings
  • Other

No matter your needs GeoRadar is here to help. We will use GPR and SPR services to allow you to locate objects in any surface before you cut, core, or drill. No matter the object you are locating or the surface you are looking through, we offer a solution for avoiding costly mistakes that can cut at your company's profits.