Concrete Structural Scanning

Cutting and coring experts and construction professionals require a reliable, non-destructive means to locate targets within concrete structures prior to drilling, cuting or coring. GeoRadar has years of experience locating post tension cables, rebar, and conduits in concrete. Clients make informed decisions about their projects based on the accurate information GeoRadar provides through the use of Structure Scan III radar technology. This non-destructive testing technology benefits our clients as it allows them to execute their projects efficiently and effectively saving them time and money.

Many people refer to concrete structural scanning as concrete x-ray, but this is incorrect. Concrete structural scanning and concrete x-ray are very different technologies. X-ray technology poses serious health risks, requires stopping work in the area, and is not as fast, accurate, or efficient as concrete structural scanning. Structural scanning radar technology is non-destructive, non-invasive, and additionally, it is more cost effective compared to the older x-ray technology. This radar technology can also scan slab on grade because only single sided access is neccessary. Due to its portability factor, the Structure Scan III allows us to collect large amounts of excellent onsite real time data in a relatively short period of time with color display and 3D imaging capabilities.

Concrete Inspection Services

Locate Rebar Locate Radiant Heat Pipe Locate Pipes
Locate Post tension Cables Locate Plastic Pipe Locate Concrete Footings
Locate Voids Locate Conduits Locate Grade Beams
Determine Slab Thickness Locate A Clear Place To Core Locate Concrete Depth
Locate Concrete Deterioration Locate Fiber Optics Roadways
Runways and Tarmacs Bridge Decks Tunnels
Garages Retrofitting Balconies
Walls Towers Monuments
3D Mapping of Interior Obstructions Architectural Facade Inspection Many more!

Advantages of GPR over X-Ray

X-Ray Radiography GPR
Your Cost high low
Access Required 2 sides 1 side
Set-up Time long short
Date Collection Speed slow fast
Real-time Inspection Results no yes
Data Storage Medium film digital
Consumable Required yes no
Licenses Required yes no
Hazards (radiation) yes no
Large Area Data Colection Method Step and repeat continuous
Must Process to Get Results yes optional
Can Determine X-Y location with calculations direct readout
Can determine Exact Z (depth) Location with calculation direct readout

Above Chart Courtesy of GSSI